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    Made in Italy shoes in the Metaverse

    Infinite Loop shoes

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Made in Italy shoes in the Metaverse

Infinite Loop shoes

The eco-sustainable shoe that becomes eternal in the Metaverse.

The Decentraland Metaverse is the future. A space " beyond reality " where everything is possible.

For this exacy reason we created Infinite Loop. Each model in this collection has its virtual counterpart, an identical copy in every detail to be worn by your avatar inside the Metaverse.

You buy your physical Infinite Loop shoe and we supply its digital verison, a Decentraland shoe, directly to your crypto wallet.

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Infinite Loop: una capsule in edizione limitata.

Delle scarpe ecosostenibili utilizzabili sia sulla Terra, sia sull’etere. In altre parole, una RIVOLUZIONE.

E non finisce qui: sono anche in edizione limitata, numerate, color bianco ottico e disponibili in 100 pezzi unici.

Infinite Loop inaugura un nuovo modello di sostenibilità, che da circolare sulla Terra, diventa infinito all'interno del mondo virtuale.

How to buy a shoe that also has its NFT in the metaverse?

No Crypto, no complications, no risks. You buy one of the unique pieces of this collection and we'll take care of the rest.

Just enter the address of your Metamusk digital wallet and in less than a week you will receive your collectible NFT.

You can view it directly among your OpenSea collectibles once connected to the Polygon Network. Most importantly, your avatar can wear it in the Metaverse. You can find it between legendary collectibles of the inventory, once you log in to Decentraland with your Metamusk wallet.

You don't have a digital wallet yet? Follow this link to find out how to create one with Metamusk..
Scarpe Decenterland

The rarer, the better.

The Amarossa Infinite Loop shoes are also uniquely generated NFTs. None are exactly alike and each of them can be officially owned by just one person on the Polygon blockchain. To get them, you will need to purchase physical footwear. What if they all have the same value? Of course not.

RED VELVET, for the first 10 pieces of the collection.
GREEN BUBBLE, for the next 30.
BLUE DNA, for the last 60.
Scarpe Metaverso | Amarossa

Show off the Amarossa style in this and the other world.

100 pairs of limited edition Metaverse Amarossa shoes. Numbered and unique. Are you ready to show them off in this and the other world?

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More sustainable than that.

Amarossa is the first eco-sustainable shoe with zero environmental impact: recyclable, compostable, biodegradable in all its parts. And now also virtual.