Every shoe is unique

Blockchain | Amarossa

A shoe that tells a story

All footwear comes with 2 RFID tags: a kind of frame number that identifies them. These labels pass over antennas that certify 30 types of processing. In this way we are able to provide the customer with - the lot of material of which the shoe is made; - when and by whom the workmanships are made; - the controls carried out (cutting, stitching, assembly, control, boxing)
To each RFID tag (so to each shoe) is associated an NFC tag, which is readable by any cell phone simply by approaching it to the right sole. When this NFC is read, a web page opens automatically, where all the data of the shoe appear and where we at Amarossa can enter any information (such as, for example, a pre-filled form for the return). For each shoe, there is an NFC - its digital copy - inside the blockchain, which certifies all the data collected by the RFID and the originality of the shoe. Each user has the option to open a free account on blockchain, where the NFC of the purchased shoe will be placed, which will attest its ownership even after the shoe is recycled.
Blockchain | Amarossa

What is behind the production of our shoes?

Blockchain Certification makes it possible to achieve transparency at every stage of the production cycle:

Raw material

100% recyclables

Shoe cleaning cream

100% natural


100% recyclable

Blockchain and Metaverse: the digital certificate of ownership

Once you have purchased a pair of Amarossa, you will receive by e-mail your shoes usable in the Metaverse [link to Metaverse page], i.e. their virtual version. More precisely, you will be sent a digital property code: your NFT. The NFT - Non Fungible Token - is the digital proof of ownership of an Amarossa shoe. And thanks to the Blockchain, this proof is securely registered: only those who possess the NFT will be able to make their Avatar wear the shoes within the Metaverse.