Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution wants to be the first step towards the awareness of what it means to buy a piece of clothing, towards a more ethical and sustainable future for the fashion industry, respecting people and environment. Choosing what we buy can create the world we want to live in: each of us has the power to change things for better and every moment is good to start doing it.

The vegan shoe

When you buy vegan, make sure it also means sustainable. If you buy vegan fashion, surely your ethics include protecting the environment. Therefore, go beyond the label and always look for transparency in the production processes. Unfortunately, it often happens that products that exclude materials of animal origin, keep, among materials, the synthetic ones. Our vegan shoes are made of sustainable cotton inside and out, with a non-slip recyclable rubber sole.

Shoes won't change the world, but the people who wear them will.

Recycle the present. Save the future.

Each shoe has a short life cycle, more or less equal to two years. Each Amarossa shoe, at the end of its use, is completely disassembled, regenerated, and re-introduced into the cycle, to prevent the materials used from being dispersed. A Circular Life project that implies an effort to collect and start a new production phase. All this is not that simple, but it is at the base of Amarossa's value system, in which respect for the environment is central, supported and realized with advanced techniques and, above all, with a lot of love for our Planet Earth.

Free to be different

What are the useful behaviors to build a sustainable future?

The first step is to start with responsible purchasing. Let's slow down the race of low-cost production, harmful to people and the environment. Let's slow down, embracing a slow-fashion perspective: the greater the ethics, the greater the quality. With Amarossa every step we take marks a choice that protects the future. Of each of us. Trends have a set time. Slow-fashion is a culture that protects that time because it respects the place where we live: our Planet.